Theseus and the Minotaur

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Minoutaur v 2.0

  1. Disclaimer
  2. Main idea
  3. History
  4. Using this program
  5. Making maze file
  6. Limitations
  7. New mazes
  8. Author

Disc lamer

    This program is absolutely freeware, so you can use, copy, distribute and do whatever you want with it for free. This is "as is" software and author takes no responsibility for any physical or psychological damage caused by the use of this software. No living Theseus and the Minotaurus had suffered from the development of this program.

Main idea

    Once Mr. Theseus (Homo Theseus) and Mr. Minotaur (Minotaur Mechanicus) met in a maze. Theseus wants to escape from this maze avoid Minotaur. And mechanical Minotaur, which was programmed by Bill Gates, wants to catch Theseus and kill him. Minotaur takes two turns for each Theseus turn, and for each of his turns he always follows this program:
- If he can move horizontally and get closer to Theseus, he will move one square horizontally.
- If he can't do it, he will test if he could move vertically and get closer to Theseus. If it is possible he does it.
- If he can't move either horizontally or vertically and get closer to Theseus, he skips that turn.
    You can not believe, but Minotuar programmer (Bill Gates) had made program without bugs!
    You are Theseus (if you stay Theseus after exiting this program - visit your doctor) and you have to find a way to the exit of a maze, avoiding Minotaur (his programm is stupid and isn't optimal, so you can do it).


    Classical rules of this puzzle were invented by Robert Abbot he also made the first maze, which you can find in the book "Mad Mazes" or in "Classic pack" for this program (maze 14).

Using this program

    To run the program enter magic words:
Mino2.exe <MazeFile.ext> {/MPT=n} {/ML=k} {/Log=LogFile.ext} {/P=PathFile.ext}
MazeFile.ext - required parameter - name of file with maze.
/MPT=n - optional - number of Mr. Minotaur turns for each Mr. Theseus turn. (n - positive integer). Default MPT=2.
/ML=k - also optional - can be H or V - first Minotuar tries to choose _H_orizontal or _V_ertical direction. In classic version there is horizontal moves priority, so default MPT=H
/Log=LogFile.ext - optional again - name of file, where Theseus moves and statistics will be written
/P=PathFile.ext - all the more optional - set filename with Theseus, our hero, movements - the correctness of the solution is checked with this parameter. The format of this file is simple and easy as hieroglyphs: letters U, D, R and L are available and their appearance will result in moving Theseus Up, Down, Right and Left accordingly. All other symbols are interpret as turn skip. In this mode program will react only on pressing Esc (exit) or Space (switch to single-step mode). Log isn't updated, Undo isn't available.
    When you type something above-mentioned and program will run (I hope), you will see maze with Thseseus (T) and mechanical Minotaur (M). You need to reach the Exit (a hole in external wall). To do that use arrow keys for movements, space for skiping your turn, backspace for undo and "g"-key for switching between different wall modes. Press escape, if you want to exit with log-file update or Ctrl+Break for exit without it.

Making maze file

    It's simple:
+-+-+ +-+
|T|     |
+ + +-+ +
|     |M|
+ +-+ + +
|       |
    Walls are various symbols, except space and T & M letters. T - is Theseus and M is Minotaur. There is one and only one Theseus in maze, number of Minotaurs must be exactly (surprise!) one. In one turn Mr. Theseus moves on two symbols. I prefer to use symbols + - and | for walls. Space in external wall is exit and exit is required.


New mazes

    You can find some mazes packs on page If you make your own mazes send it to me (, please. All of your mazes with copyrights will appear on this page.


Idea of this kind of mazes - Robert Abbot (
Programming - Vladimir Ignatov (Fidonet netmail - 2:5030/553)
Some ideas, several mazes and translation into something, that looks like English - Stas Soumarokov

You can contact (non sexual) with Stas Soumarokov ( with all questions.
English web-page -